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Classical technique - Theory - All Styles


Lesson Rates are:

$30 per 1/2 hour lesson
$45 per 45 minute lesson

Lessons for each month are paid at the beggining of the month.   
Payments should be made the first week of each four lessons.

"Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosphy. Music
is the electrical soil in which the
spirit lives, thinks and invents."
-- Ludwig van Beethoven
Studio Policy
Students buy 1/2 hour time slots. We have an obligation to each other which is basically that I will be here at that time and the student will be here as well. If I ever miss a lesson or, for some reason, I am not here at the lessons time and the student shows up, then the student gets a free lesson. This is very rare!
If you are unable to make a lesson I require and need a 24 hour notice. This is important. No-shows and cancellations will still be charged unless I receive at least a 24 hours notice. I do not do make-up lessons for no-shows. Cancelled lessons that give me a 24 hour notice may be made up.  Exceptions may be made for emergencies or planned vacations.

Practice Expectations
Students are required to practice at home between lessons. Daily practice is vital to musical progress. The recommended amount of practice time will be discussed with the student depending on their age and skill level. For tips on how to encourage practice, please download my practice page on the button below.
Practice Page
My lesson Plan
My lessons consist of :
Music theory
Sight reading
Piano pedagogy
The classical technique and repertoire
Music from various different styles